ENVIRONMENT: The Company Offering 140 Recycling Programs That You Never Knew Existed

March 13, 2018


"TerraCycle offers a range of free programs that are funded by conscientious companies, as well as recycling solutions available for purchase for almost every form of waste." -terracycle.com



It's 2018. The technology exists to launch a Tesla Roadster into outer space, but here we are on Earth still figuring out how to best address the vast array of materials that are difficult to recycle. So what's to do with the all the materials with a potential for recycling that end up in our landfills? 


Meet TerraCycle.


This is the company taking the materials that no one else wants to deal with and actually recycling them. If it's difficult to recycle, TerraCycle wants it. They have creatively harnessed the potential of these otherwise landfill-destined items through tailored, industry-sponsored recycling programs. These programs are now more accessible than ever and have in a short time taken out some pretty massive shovel-loads out of a mountain of trash.


With a current offering of 40 free recycling programs, TerraCycle has created the ultimate incentive by offering a virtually zero cost way of recycling common, hard to recycle everyday items. These programs are available to anyone who wants to participate. The fact that these programs are free to the public is a testament to not only TerraCycle's effort towards making recycling accessible and hassle-free to anyone, but also the effort from the companys which these products originate from to connect with the public and encourage participation. The sense of shared responsibility from both industry and end-user to adopt responsible material handling practices has proved to be an effective way to address the issue.

How It Works

  1. Sign-up

  2. Collect & box the items you plan to recycle with TerraCycle

  3. Print a free shipping label from your TerraCycle account

  4. Send


That's it.




TerraCycle® & Clif Bar®

Over 2015, sales for granola/energy bars came close to 550 million units. Imagining the literal mountain of trash that follows a continued rise in sales of this market is just one of many areas that TerraCycle has focused on addressing over the years. In an effort to chip away at this issue, TerraCycle teamed-up with Clif Bar to offer a free program specific to the collection and recycling of energy bar wrappers. Upon collection, the used wrappers are cleaned and melted down to create new recycled products. As a result of this collaboration and the efforts of participants, TerraCycle has recycled 46,655,309 wrappers to date. This is just one example of many measurable impacts that TerraCycle has made through collaborative industry-sponsored recycling programs.



Taking steps towards responsible recycling practices should be on the minds of everyone. As creators of packaging, it's not only our responsibility to take part in these practices, but we must also help propagate and support programs such as those offered by TerraCycle. Stay up to date with new recycling program offerings from TerraCycle in the future.

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